Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Fear, is this how we want to live

Posted Jan 10, 2005
Someone has to start to say the impeach word. There are sites that are working on this, why not add your name;
Are these crimes committed by this Administration much worse than Clinton or not. Where is the outcry.
Maybe it is true we do not have the guts that the Repubs do. They would be so on top of all of this and we just stand there and say, in congress, well we just want to investigate this, not make too many waves.
Don't wait for senators, don't wait for Kerry, don't wait for the next man, do it yourself and now.
Why not an out and out revolt?
Is this how we want to live.
I remember years back when Congress passed a bill to tax Social Security payments and the people rose up and there was such an outcry, that the bill was repealed in a matter of a month.
How many people check this site (Daily Kos) everyday, and make their comments and feel they have done their part. You've maybe done nothing except take time away from the action you should be doing.
Write to everyone, media, congress, join together and organize, you know the repubs would if it was reversed.
Can't find a leader, then be one. If enought try to lead one will rise up, but right now we all have to be leaders, we all have to do something.