Friday, June 24, 2005

Open Letter to Lt. C

The following is a comment I made on Lt.C's blog reg. Sen. Durbins statement in congrees referring to Gitmo as similar to other regimes in Russia, Germany, etc. wherein Lr. C. expresses his disdain for the statement.

"Hi. Lt. C. Diane from cal. here, read your article and comments with interest. I am as you know a liberal and I just have to say this.
As part of our research on the blog that I comment on we did extensive research on the aclu papers that were released several weeks ago and I personall read 11 trascripts of the tribunal proceedings as well as other records of Gitmo.
What can be found in there is truly horrifying and I think you too would find it so.
As liberals we are really trying to stop these practices and return this country to the moral attitude we had prior to this devistating war in Iraq, which we also want to bring to a close.
I am stunned that all the posters here simply disregard the happenings at Gitmo and in Iraq as well as places around the world.
If you and others are comfortable with that then, so be it, but do not condemn us for trying to end deplorable practices and policies used by this Admin.
As you may remember I have a friend a citizen of Iraq and I cannot whatsoever sanction what this war has done to her and her country.
I know that you and other soldiers do what you are ordered to do and I do not fault you for that, if you are not a party to any of these practices.
Trust me, we are fully supportive of our soldiers, they are not just Reps. they are Dems. too and members of many of our families and we care about all of them and you.
Please consider all of this when you write these articles, we are very opposed to this pres. and his group and the awful mistakes and lies that have been told to start this war and work dilligently to bring troops home asap.....
Finally I ask you and others, just what does this country now stand for, torture....I certainly hope not. For a senator to speak truth to power should not be condemned and for him to point to the truth of the situation however it may disturb you, it disturbs us even more that these things are allowed to go on. Club Med at Gitmao, Indeed!!!!!!!"