Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Comment on Ohio Election 2004

Comment I posted on Daily Kos Jan 11, 2004 in response to a posting about Ohio Elections and whether a recount was viable

So if fraud occurred it should be investigated, and a recount will probably not reveal that. But have you considered that the probable fraud was that the voting machines were owned by Diebold, and others, all heavy contributors and avowed repubs, and they owned the software, and it has publically been shown by black box voting that the machines were easy to access and change votes which was done on Topic A on CNBC or MSNBC, not sure which.
Bev Harris showed Howard Dean (the guest host that day) exactly how it could be done.
Here is link to that site:

This is a non partisan site that has been investigating since 2000 election and she has had several successful prosecutions.
This is just one part of the problem, there were others, what I think people want is an investigation into all of this, not just Ohio.
You say impossible to run an election with no errors, well then I guess we all should fear the ATM, and thats all over the world, but yet I have heard no scandal regarding that.
By the way, if Bush would have lost Ohio, don't you think we would have a full scale investigation going on as we write, and going to the supreme court and we would be in the state we were in in 2000.
I really don't think you have done the research on the voter problems, I have been astounded at my own research and what it has revealed. Even the Conyers report does not touch on it all. I urge you to do some research. Democrats have and are still challenging results in Ohio, there are cases pending, but they have been stonewalled at every turn and the absense of Kerry in the debate, has stalled media coverage.
Keith Oberman on MSNBC has covered this story on air and in his blog, since Nov. 2. He is the one media man courageous to cover this story. I urge all to check out his show and to check out his blogs.http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6210240/
Before he started to cover this story I would have sworn he was a Repub. and maybe he is, and if so would make his coverage even more salient.
If you want to find out info on almost any subject, I have found this method to work, type in the name of the subject and add scandal and see what you come up with. Try it with the members of this administration or anyone and anything, it pulls up pages that you would not ordinarily get.