Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Important Info Links

This is Aljazeera International, there are a lot a comment pages on this site with people all over the world posting opinions on daily events. It appears to be translated in Arabic and then back into english so words are sometimes dropped or changed. This site is important for the obvious reason, it is important to know what you enemy is thinking and saying. Also you will find news regarding Iraq not covered in press here.

Bellacio is a blog site from france, often dealing with US subjects and posters though unknown seem to be from various countries, including America. Interesting worldwide view here.

Go to this site to sign a petition to fire Rumsfeld.

Baghdad Burning

Free Iraq

Another site of interest here: is site for important issues and link to all sorts of petitions. In addition contact info for congress.

Site for impeachment and meetup with other democrats

Hillary's Petition for Count Every Vote

Booman Tribune a good site for progressive discussions:

Intellectual Diva, a blog from my friend in Iraq