Thursday, January 13, 2005

Daily Life In Iraq

My friend in Baghdad Iraq informs me that though they don't side with insurgents, they cannot be pro American publically in any way. You cannot even let on that you are communicating with American or British. You cannot even purchase American books at bookstore, someone might see you.
Packages from America cannot be delivered to home address, must be to business address.
Electricity is down 16 hours or more a day, none at night except rarely. Goes on and off all the time. No heat in houses, cannot buy fuel. Temps. go down to zero in winter there. Long Lines(hours) at gas stations, and this is in Iraq.
Streets are dangerous and impossible at times, just to get to work is hazardous.
Work week there is Sat. to Thursday, they have Friday off.
Pay for a computer specialist is $200 per month. They cannot take high paying jobs with Americans or British for fear of death.
They are in a code red situation,(I guess that a code red in Iraq would be off the charts here) reports of a blackout election day.
Most people will not vote or even leave their houses election day, they will, stay at home locked in. Business are closing for that day, etc., it goes on and on.
Daily fear, daily threats, daily hardships, daily deaths. And they cannot even leave, no visas are granted at this time.
And most of them blame it on the Americans for the mess they have made.

They were hopeful to begin with then hopes were dashed soon after.
And yes, they have to do whatever they can each day to stay alive, whatever that entails.
Can you imagine living like this.