Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Booman Tribune ~ Comments ~ Is there Hope for the US and World?

Booman Tribune ~ Comments ~ Is there Hope for the US and World?: "I just had this thought with regards to your position on this subject.
How would you square this with our non negotiation with terrorists policies, when they are holding one or more citizens or just in any case whatsoever. In that case the sacrifice of some money(or other concessions) may bring about the release of hostages, but we say no, can't negotiate with terrorists. So we can't negotiate with them but we can torture them if need be. Even if it means the death of one or more people, we cannot negotiate. There is some sort of irony there, methinks.
Seems to me we might be better off trying to negotiate period, than to try to extract info, via these means.
I know, I know, everyone says, that would be giving in to them, but heck, someone needs to explain to me how it is better to torture on the one hand but bad to negotiate on the other.
Sets up a system where they have no choice but to fight, rather like in the Senate at this time.

This is just a what if: but what if Bush administration were to actually try to negotiate with the insurgency, sit down and talk with the leaders and see what can be done to solve this problem, make some concessions and get it over with.
By refusing to talk what are we doing, dooming ourselves to generations of terrorism.
WE sure can't count on the admin. or Karen Hughes' team to propagandize them out of existence.
Seems like we have the same problem in Korea and Iran, 'oh no can't talk to them, but maybe bomb them someday, but definitely no talk.'
Maybe we don't want to talk and just to bomb, maybe we don't want to negotiate just torture, maybe we don't want peace on Earth, but just war. Says a lot about us as a people and a nation."