Sunday, February 06, 2005

Battle Weary

I find myself battle weary after a weak of watching the nomination hearings for Gonzales and before that Rice. Add to that the inaguration of a President that I don't think was legally elected and an inaguration speech that once again made the world wonder what in the heck in going on in America and with Mr. Bush.
Before the world got too far off track Mr. Bush pushed his points further in his State of the Union address. Now the world is even more suspicious than ever before.
That wasn't all he tackled in the SOTU speech, what you ask? Well social secutity for one. It appeared to a lot of people, myself included that his new intent is to see if he can screw up SS.
How much can a person take. How much can a person stand to watch as the country is dragged deeper and deeper into a pit of it's own making.
I know I can't take much more, but yet, what choice do I have?
I just have to keep on trying to make a difference, to write one more letter and sign one more petition, to post one more comment, to read one more article, and on and on.
Is there one hope in hell that we can stop this man from his train wreck, do we have to go down with him????
I have many, many questions and I have no answers.